Les États-Unis ne délivrent pas de visas à la délégation russe pour la conférence internationale de l'AIEA

Les États-Unis bloquent la participation de la Russie à la conférence internationale de l'AIEA

Washington has blocked Russia's participation in the international conference of the IAEA in the United States. The US administration has thus shown disrespect for the IAEA, state corporation Rosatom said.

The IAEA International Ministerial Conference Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century is to be held in Washington on October 26-28.

"It was assumed that the Russian delegation — representatives of Rosatom and Rostekhnadzor — would attend the conference. Requests for US visas for members of the delegation were forwarded in due course. As of today, none of the members of the Russian delegation has received US visas," the statement from Rosatom said.
"Thus, the American side has in fact blocked Russia's participation in this international IAEA conference, which was to be held in the United States. We consider this a manifestation of USA's disrespect towards the IAEA, the central international organization responsible for cooperation in the field of the peaceful use of atomic energy,” the statement also said.

Автор Peter Yermilin